Open the Battle Log to see how the fools, I mean, neighbors who have the audacity to attack your castle.

Here, you can see how many crowns were lost or gained, and how much gold and life force was taken. The attacker's class and level as well as the number of health potions used are also shown. If one so desire, they can also view the attacker's profile and even decided if they want to befriend them.

For your amusement and/or learning, one can review the replays of your fellow player's attempts at looting your castle.

Should an attacker be successful, you have the option to exact revenge.


Laugh and learn while you watch your neighbors' attempts to raid your castle.

Main article: Replays


Should a castle defense fail to stop an attacker, the defender has the option to attempt to exact revenge upon the attacker.

Revenge challenges the attackers castle without consuming a targeted attack.

  • Levels will not be adjusted to match the attacker's castle level.
  • No tombstones will be dropped by the vengeful defender in the event of death.

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