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A man's home should be his castle, but it should not have to be his fortress. Wait, why not?

Floating high in the sky using magic, or something, these glorious structures are where one stores their hard earned loot so justifiably acquired from one's involuntarily generous neighbors.

At the core of each castle is a treasure room that houses not only one's ever shiny gold and life force storage chests, but the ever so important heart of the castle as well. Surrounding the castle heart are various support buildings that are integral to the smooth operations the castle.

Protecting this treasure room is a labyrinth of rooms, each of which are filled to various degrees with the hungriest creatures and the most devious traps gold and life force can buy. Pack everything into your boss room or spread them out, it's up to you. Home defense is the best defense.

NPC Castles[]

NPC Castle Flag.png

Scattered within every region of Opulencia are numerous castles built and maintained by non player creatures, or NPCs. These castles are indicated by a green flag fluttering over their banners.

Several of the most powerful inhabitants the land has ever seen have also taken up residences in keeps of their own.

One never has to worry about shields or a timer when looting these floating treasure troves, and they can be attacked, er, I mean visited, as often as one likes. Proceed at your own risk, however, for these castles are far from empty.

Player castles[]

Castle guides[]

Player Castle Layouts


  • At home you can see your castle value in Blings
  • You cannot sell your castle


Tired of the same old weathered stone and flickering torches? Change the appearance of your castle with themes!

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