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Building Crafting Lab.png

The crafting lab is where you craft new creatures and traps, and then place them in your castle.

Used to craft Creatures and Traps.


Totems []

Material Packs []

Purchasable packs that contain a set number of Materials

The Dabbler's Pack Pack Dabblers.png
Cost: Currency Bling Icon.png 50
This material pack contains 5 materials; including at least 1 Rare Material which could be Exceptional, Legendary, or Epic; a fine value for those with tight budgets, and no shame.
The Enthusiast's Pack Pack Enthusiasts.png
Cost: Currency Bling Icon.png 100
This material pack contains 12 materials; including at least 3 Rare Material which could be Exceptional, Legendary, or Epic; for those who've got what it takes. (Hint: Bling)
The Connoisseur's Pack Pack Connoisseurs.png
Cost: Currency Bling Icon.png 200
This material pack contains 25 materials; including at least 7 Rare Material which could be Exceptional, Legendary, or Epic. Do you care enough to breed the very best?
The Maestro's Pack Pack Maestros.png
Cost: Currency Bling Icon.png 750
This material pack contains 100 materials; including at least 36 Rare Material which could be Exceptional, Legendary, or Epic; a fine value for those with tight budgets, and no shame.
  • Rare material distribution rate is purported to be:
    • 60% chance of being Exceptional
    • 35% chance of being Legendary
    • 5% chance of being Epic

Buy Back []

Buy back recently sold items.


Rank Required Castle Rank Unlocks px Gold Cost px Bling Cost
1 4
Unlock Chicken.png
Unlock Derp.png
Unlock Smelly Warrior Heavy Handed.png
Unlock Snotter.png
Unlock Splitshot Smelly Archer.png
0 px -
2 6
Unlock Punching Cyclops.png
Unlock Stabsassin.png

Unlock Trap Generator.png
Unlock Hamster Wheel.png
Unlock Rotating Cannon 1 Flame.png
Unlock Springboard.png
4500 px 5 px
3 8
Unlock Bad Dog.png
Unlock Pew Pew.png
Unlock Squiddley.png
Unlock Stare Master Displacer.png
9000 px 25 px
4 10
Unlock Aura Guardian.png
Unlock General Cluckenstein.png
Unlock Jimbo.png
Unlock Vamp.png
16000 px 25 px
5 12
Unlock Count Snottingham.png
Unlock Necromancer Bone Puppeteer.png
Unlock Pete Poundmore.png
Unlock Zeke.png
24500 px 50 px
6 14
Unlock Dashing Cyclops.png
Unlock Healer Bone Puppeteer.png
Unlock Hungerbot Punch Drunk.png

Unlock Spike Trap.png
Unlock Corrosion Mine.png
40000 px 50 px
7 16
Unlock Enrager Bone Puppeteer.png
Unlock Ground Punch Cyclops.png
Unlock Slim Scott.png
Unlock Terroraptor Overlord.png
Unlock Trap Smelly Archer.png

Unlock Rotating Cannon 2 Flames.png
62000 px 100 px
8 18
Unlock Bubble Guardian.png
Unlock Captain Clubbage.png
Unlock Dr Howser.png
Unlock Durrrr.png
Unlock Goatman Bola Strike.png
Unlock Hungerbot Fatal Attraction.png

Unlock Glue Mine.png
80000 px 100 px
9 20
Unlock Billy the Trapper.png
Unlock Enz o tron.png
Unlock Goatman Boomerang.png
Unlock Smelly Warrior Personal Bubble.png
Unlock Sniper Smelly Archer.png
Unlock Wall Guardian.png

Unlock Rotating Cannon 3 Flames.png
10 22
Unlock Battering Ram.png
Unlock Dr Dunhammer.png
Unlock Killer Crab.png
Unlock Mittens.png
Unlock Scorpio.png
Unlock Spider.png

Unlock Ballistic Cannon.png
11 24
Unlock Dr Skull.png
Unlock Lord Marleybone.png
Unlock Polyfemur.png
Unlock Stare Master Ominous Orb.png

Unlock Fire Mine.png
12 26
Unlock Bloodbathory.png
Unlock Bob o tron.png
Unlock Longbownes.png
Unlock Mr Dyson.png
Unlock Pretorius.png

Unlock Gelatinous Wall.png
13 28
Unlock Dampener.png
Unlock Duke of Stabbington.png
Unlock Eyemax.png
Unlock Mega Mutton.png
Unlock Shallnotpass o tron.png

Unlock Hush Machine.png
14 30
Unlock Dragonificus Terribilis.png
Unlock Explodifier.png
Unlock Mr Boomboom.png
Unlock The Crushulator.png
Unlock Webmaster 8 0.png

Update History[]

November 13, 2014 Patch

  • The crafting lab will now be available at level 4 instead of level 10.
    • Users with a castle between level 4 and 10 will have their crafting lab unlocked and the linked tutorial will be automatically activated.
  • The crafting lab has new upgrade levels from 11 to 14.
  • Creatures, traps and buildings' upgrade levels have been reshuffled. It is possible that creatures that you used to be able to craft are no longer available at your current Crafting Lab level. The re-shuffling was done to have a better selection of creatures every time you unlock a new level.
  • The changes do not affect your crafting lab level. If your pre-patch crafting level used to be 7, it will still be level 7. You might have some new creatures that you couldn’t craft before and others which you used to be able to craft, but the level did not change.

August 1, 2014 Patch

  • Crafting Lab introduced


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