Putting the 'sad' in 'sadistic death trap.

Your enemies lie weeping in the corner in the face of your superlative looting skills? Now’s the perfect time to try your hand at constructing a sadistic gauntlet of doom to call your own!

Crafting A DefenseEdit

Start by creating the perfect castle layout, using the tons of available room combinations (it’s a lot, we did the math).

All castles require an entrance hall and a Boss Room.

Placing RoomsEdit

Populating the RoomsEdit

Next, you’ll want to fill your new creation with hordes of loyal minions, ranging from fuzzy baby spiders to kill-crazy giant Cyclopses (or is it Cyclopi?). Don’t forget to liberally apply a healthy dose of devious traps to achieve that extra layer of deadliness.

  • Once players unlock the Crafting Lab, they may craft additional creatures once they have collected the requisite materials.

Validation and PublishingEdit

Once you’ve got your castle exactly the way you want it, it’ll be time to subject the community to your new ingenious creation. The more heroes fall within your castle’s walls, the more you’ll see your rewards piling up.

Castles must first be validated before changes will be applied.

Repelling NeighboursEdit

Remember, a house is not a home until it can kill intruders in at least 7 different ways simultaneously!

Check how successful your defense is using the Battle Log

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