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Painhammer, Blackeye, the Earl and the Runaway have come to an agreement: they will allow you all to play one of them entirely for free, every week.

If you play them correctly and train them enough, they will consent to cut off a huge chunk on their Heroes' fees.


During the Hero Draft, the current hero may be unlocked permanently at a discounted rate, depending on how high of a level they reach.

Undiscounted unlock cost is 950 px

Bling Discount[]

Level Discount Final Cost
5 50 px 900 px
10 150 px 800 px
12 350 px 600 px
15 650 px 300 px

Event Rewards[]

During the initial event, an exclusive iLvL 15 Epic Weapon and Costumes could be obtained for each hero if certain requirements were met. The exclusive Nigel Pet was also only available during the initial event.

To unlock the Epic Weapon, players had to obtain level 15 with the hero.

To unlock the Costume, players had to collectively reach a set number of successful castle attacks with the current hero. Alternatively, the costumes could also be purchased in the Cornelius' Emporium for a limited time.

Week Hero Weapon Costume Results
July 18 - July 22 Archer Jawpwn Costume of Darkness 134,771 / 100,001
July 23 - July 28 Knight Beaming Blade Cuteness Overload 111,696 / 175,175
July 29 - August 4 Mage Orbital Obliterator Funktastic Costume 207,752 / 133,333
August 5 - August 11 Runaway Dead Note Retro Royalty 178,513 / 207,753

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