The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot currently has four different heroes that a player may choose from.


The Knight - The Knight is an unstoppable wall of punishment and razzle-dazzle. He's your first class ticket to smash city, and if you're lucky, he won't even charge you for an autograph.

The Runaway - The Runaway's furious medium-ranged attacks and lightning speed should be more than enough to make her the lead in your band.


The Archer - What he may lack in depth perception, The Archer more than makes up for with intimidating long-range deadliness. When a hail of arrows isn't enough, his fearsome scowl just might do the trick.

The Mage - When you need to ensure the mind-boggling elemental destruction of every enemy in sight, the Earl of Evilosity is just the wizard you want.

Unlocking Additional HeroesEdit

Upon account creation, players may choose one of the four hero's to play.

Additional heroes may be purchased using Bling, or rewarded fromĀ Treasure Room Roulette.

The base price for additional heroes is Currency Bling Icon 950 but may be reduced during the Hero Draft event, or buying a attacker, infinity pack

Information Edit

  • All hero's share the same castle
  • All Hero's share the same timer on Attacks
  • Max level on each hero is 30

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