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The Knight is a melee character, whose mana is generated through successful hits and skills. The attack speed and the number of enemies affected by each attack directly influence the abilities he can use and his survivability.

Weapon Types[]

Archetype Targets/Range Damage Speed Mana Per Hit
WeaponType Sword.png Sword Multi-target

Straight line

High 2.0 (High) 7
WeaponType Axe.png Axe Multi-target

180 degree arc

Low 1.8 (Medium) 6
WeaponType Hammer.png Hammer Single target

Extra damage on 3rd swing

Medium Low 10

Base Item Types[]

Appearance Alternative names
Loot Banger.png Banger
Loot Ceremonial Sword.png Ceremonial Sword
Loot Longsword.png Long Sword
Loot Miller Sword.png Miller Sword
Loot Scimitar.png Scimitar

Appearance Alternative names
Loot Poleaxe.png Greataxe Poleaxe
Loot Tabar.png Tabar
Loot War Axe.png War Axe Woodcutter's Axe

Appearance Alternative names
Loot Morningstar.png Ball of Pain Morning Star
Loot Maul.png Maul Sledgeslammer
Loot Spiked Hammer.png Spiked Hammer

Named Knight Weapons[]

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