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League standing is checked on a daily basis.

As you gain and lose crowns, you can either be promoted or demoted to a different rank. Should you gain or lose enough crowns, you will be promoted or demoted to the next league.

Changing ranks and leagues also changes your Loot Bonus and daily Maintain Reward.

Rank: Each League Level is subdivided into three ranks.
Range: Crown range to qualify for each rank.
Loot Bonus: %Increase in loot reward when attacking player castles. Only effects gold and life force.
Ranking Reward: One time reward awarded when next rank is obtained.
Maintain Reward: Daily reward for maintaining rank.
Top Players: Daily reward given to the first/second/and third place players per rank per league.

League Levels[]

League Minion.png
Crown Icon.png 50-349
Rank Range Loot Bonus Ranking Reward Maintain Reward
Minion III Crown Icon.png 50-149 3 % 1000 px 1 px
Minion II Crown Icon.png 150-249 4 % 1000 px
Minion I Crown Icon.png 250-349 5 %
Top Players: 15 / 10 / 5 px
League Grunt.png
Crown Icon.png 350-949
Rank Range Loot Bonus Ranking Reward Maintain Reward
Grunt III Crown Icon.png 350-549 6 % 2500 px 2 px
Grunt II Crown Icon.png 550-749 7 %
Grunt I Crown Icon.png 750-949 8 %
Top Players: 30 / 25 / 20 px
League Captain.png
Crown Icon.png 950-1699
Rank Range Loot Bonus Ranking Reward Maintain Reward
Captain III Crown Icon.png 950-1199 9 % 5000px 3 px
Captain II Crown Icon.png 1200-1449 10 %
Captain I Crown Icon.png 1450-1699 11 %
Top Players: 45 / 40 / 35 px
League Elite.png
Crown Icon.png 1700-2599
Rank Range Loot Bonus Ranking Reward Maintain Reward
Elite III Crown Icon.png 1700-1999 12 %
Elite II Crown Icon.png 2000-2299 13 %
Elite I Crown Icon.png 2300-2599 14 %
Top Players: 60 / 55 / 50 px
League Boss.png
Crown Icon.png 2600+
Rank Range Loot Bonus Ranking Reward Maintain Reward
Boss I Crown Icon.png 2600+ 15 %
Top Players:


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Should a player lose enough crowns to fall outside the crown range of their current league, they may be demoted to a lower league. No reward will be collected for that day, but the lower loot bonus will be applied immediately.

Upon promotion to a previously held higher league, the ranking reward will not be awarded again.