Loot Slice A' Life
Slice A' Life
Knight - Epic Two Handed Weapon
lvl 15
Speed: 2
Mana Steal: 7 mana gain per hit
WeaponType Sword Hits multiple enemies in a line.

Gain 7 mana per hit.

Property Attack Speed Boost Attack Speed Boost IV: +25% increased attack speed.
Property Health Stolen Health Stolen IV: 0.5% chance per 1% of missing Health to heal for +80% of attack damage.
Property Icy Blast Icy Blast IV: 5% chance to slow the movement and attack speed of creatures by 8% in an area for 5 seconds.
Property Meteor Strike Meteor Strike IV: 5% chance to trigger an explosion dealing 150% of basic attack damage.
Currency Gold Icon 6,000


  • The Slice A' Life changes rarity depending on item level


  • The Slice A' Life was only available for a limited time


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