The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Wiki

Opulencia Pop Up.png

In a distant clouded realm stand hundreds of tall castles–the great Kingdom of Opulencia.

No real Opulencian ever actually refers to it as a kingdom, though. They far prefer the official title of “Prestige feudal heroism community.” Opulencia’s residents are famous for their love of jewels, precious metals, enchanted furniture, priceless pet clothing and every other sort of treasure imaginable.

They are almost as famous for the constant state of conflict which engulfs their tiny realm. The heroes of Opulencia fight (each other) for their noblest beliefs: no pile of loot can ever be too gigantic, and no treasure is as sweet as the one you stole off your neighbor.

So their mighty quest for epic loot continues on, as each tries to out-shine, out-spend, and out-bling his neighbor. After all, as their old saying goes, wealth is a good look, and a good look’s wasted without someone to do the looking.


Name Level Range Boss
Little Spitaly 1-4 Count Snottingham
Heated Gardens 5-9 Flameo
Bling's Landing 10-14 Durrrr
Nova Gloatia 15-19 Captain Clubbage
Glimmering Valley 20-24 Lord Marleybone
Stabbinshire 25-29 Duke of Stabbington
Upper Bestmount 30-34 Dragonificus Terribilis
The Friendzone