Today is a big day. We're about to deploy a new version of the game that is probably the biggest one we have released since our transition to Open Beta!

Defense Crafting is part of it, but not the only change. We'll publish a special news just for Defense Crafting once the maintenance is over, but in the meantime here's everything else!

Defense CraftingEdit

Core Mechanics

  • Materials are used to craft creatures and traps in the new Crafting Lab, which replaces both the Summoning Portal and Research Lab. Crafting Materials are looted by attacking player-created Castles, and are in addition to item drops.
  • Materials will stack in your Hero's Inventory. To make space for these Materials, we're giving all existing players an extra Inventory page for free. New players can purchase a 2nd page for a nominal cost in Gold.
  • The Crafting Lab contains 11 ranks and is unlocked by upgrading your Castle Heart to level 10. Prior to that level, you can purchase Creatures and Traps from the Cornelius Emporium in limited quantities.
  • Materials can also be found in your own Castle: [[Tombstones will now reward you with Materials linked to the Creatures/Traps that defeated the attacking Hero.
  • Material Packs can be purchased in the Crafting Lab using Blings. Packs contain random Materials that may help to to craft Creatures :
  • The Dabbler’s Pack contains 5 random Materials, of which 4 are Common and 1 has a 60% chance of being Exceptional, a 35% chance of being Legendary, or a 5% chance of being Epic. It costs 50 Currency Bling Icon Blings.
  • The Enthusiast’s Pack contains 12 random Materials, of which 9 are Commonand 3 have each a 60% chance of being Exceptional, a 35% chance of being Legendary, or a 5% chance of being Epic. It costs 100 Currency Bling Icon Blings.
  • The Connoisseur’s Pack contains 25 random Materials, of which 18 are Common and 7 have each a 60% chance of being Exceptional, a 35% chance of being Legendary, or a 5% chance of being Epic. It costs 200 Currency Bling Icon Blings.
  • The Summoning Portal and the Research Lab have been removed, and as such:
  • Creatures and Traps levels are now linked to the level of the Castle Heart: no need to upgrade each of them manually anymore.
  • This should yield more XP from attacking player-created castles, which were less lucrative than Ubisoft-created castle.
  • All of our existing players will see their Creatures and Traps afflicted by a strong case of eternal Chickenpox. Those Creatures and Traps now have a green sickly complexion, complete with spots and nasty flies! Visit the Crafting Lab or the Cornelius Emporium to get new healthy Creatures that are immune to this disease.
  • Creatures that were purchased as part of special packs on the website will be gifted to players that purchased those packs. Immunized versions of Flameo, Dragonificus and the Double-O variant Terroraptor are available in the Inventory of players that purchased those packs.
  • Special note: regarding all those changes, existing player accounts will be impacted :
  • Castles below level 10 will see their Summoning Portal removed.
  • Castles level 10 and above will have their Summoning Portal automatically replaced with a new Crafting Lab of the appropriate level.
  • Limited quantities of Creatures & Traps are available in the Cornelius' Emporium based on your Castle's level.


  • Devlin, the Fire Snotter, is available for a limited time only! This rare Creature can be crafted with rare materials and is fabled to be of great power. This rare limited-edition Creature is unlocked in the Crafting Lab rank 1.
  • New creatures can now be crafted:
  • Creatures have lost their specialization function: you will now be able to craft each specialization as separate Creatures and use them simultaneously in your Castle's Defense.
  • Creature & Trap unlock levels have been shuffled around. This means some Creatures are unlocked earlier than before, while others are unlocked later. Have a look at the Crafting Lab to see what you'll unlock at each level.
  • The new generation of creatures having the following advantages over the previous generation:
    • Crafted Creatures are twice as strong.
    • Their level is linked to the castle heart, which means whenever your castle level increases your crafted Creatures gain a level too.


New Cornelius EmporiumEdit

  • Until your Castle reaches level 10 and you unlock the Crafting Lab, Creatures and Traps will be obtained through the Cornelius Emporium rather than the Summoning Portal.
  • Creatures & Traps will have limited quantities; some quantities will be updated every time you level up your Castle Heart.


  • The amount of XP required for each level has been reduced from levels 5 to 25, meaning you'll gain levels faster than before.
  • The Archer's Hawk skills no longer share a common cooldown. You can now use multiple Hawk skills during combat. This skill tree has been renamed "Hawk Spirit".
  • Mana Cost: 35
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Mana Cost: 35
  • Cooldown: 8s
  • Mana Cost: 12
  • Cooldown: 7s

User Interface ImprovementsEdit

  • The Attack HUD has been completely reworked. The new HUD uses a new UI technology, meaning it uses fewer system resources, improving the performance of the game.
  • Other UI Improvements:
    • Chat window
    • User interface changes could improve game fluidity during Attack on some computers.
    • Game is letterboxed (black bordered) to 16:9 widescreen ratio to allow for consistency in the display of the New UI system across all monitor resolutions.
    • New objectives are now indicated with the number of objectives that have been unlocked in the user interface.


  • A new 3x1 Barricade (The big crate) has been added and is available for 95 Currency Bling Icon Blings or 20,000 Currency Gold Icon Gold.
  • 4 new decoy Barricades have been added :
    • Bag of Bones decoy (footprint 1x1)
    • Fallen Knight decoy (footprint 1x1)
    • Defend-o-Tron decoy (footprint 2x1)
    • Smelly Archer decoy (footprint 1x1)
  • Barricade's health points are now visible in their tooltip.
  • The Barricade meter is only shown when a barricade is selected. The meter now displays an informative tooltip.

New User Experience ChangesEdit

  • The tutorial has been updated to support changes to where we purchase Creatures.


  • The cost of a Validation Ticket for your Castle has been reduced from 99 to 30 Blings.
  • Attackers that successfully validate a player's Castle will now receive 3 Blings.
  • In the case of multiple attackers validating the same Castle before any validation is complete, the attacker with the quickest time will be used as the Castle's time to beat.

Loot VisualsEdit

  • The generic item drop mesh has been improved.


  • Existing players will be given an additional Inventory page for free to hold their crafting Materials.
  • The second Inventory tab will be available for 100 Gold instead of 200 Blings.
    • This is to soften inventory stresses that are likely to occur while we investigate alternative solutions

More Castles OptionEdit

  • The "More Castles" option can now be purchased either in Blings or Gold.



  • Heroes now deal twice as much damage than before.
  • The Knight has received additional armor resistance and HP to help compensate against the increased damage of new Creatures.



  • We've improved the crafted Traps so they can keep up with the buffed Creatures and Heroes:
  • All Mines will explode more quickly, from 1s to 0.8s
    • Spike Trap: Faster interval timing from 0.5s to 0.4s
    • ppSpringboard]]: Decreased the amount of time before it triggers from 0.45s to 0.40s, and the amount of time it takes to return to its default armed state from 3.5s to 2.5s
    • Hamster Wheel: Increased the damage by 20%
    • Ballistic Cannon: Increased rate of fire by 50% and decrease damage by a 50%. Rotation speed increased as well.
    • All Rotating Cannons: Increased damage by 20%.
    • Corrosion Mine: Increased damage by 20%.
    • Haunted Gramophone: Decreased the area of effect duration from 3s to 2s.
  • Traps in Ubisoft-created Castles now deal 20% more damage.

General FixedEdit

  • By default, the shop filters are now displayed on "all".
  • Fixed an exploit with Legendary and Epic items forging.
  • Fixed a bug where a Castle's Defense rating could be invalid after using the Castle Rollback function.
  • Bling Mines have now a specific selection sound.
  • The Paid Validation popup is now bigger.
  • Creatures stuck behind Barricades and unable to pathfind their way to the hero will no longer cause the Treasure Room gate to be locked.

Known IssuesEdit

  • Cornelius Richlings' voice has been turned off during the tutorial.
  • Tooltips displaying damage values may display incorrect information:
    • Creature & Trap damage
    • Hero stats (DPS)
    • Hero Skills (cooldown/mana/damage)
  • Objectives refer to old Creature names.
  • Some long Creature names may be cut in the HUD.
  • The user interface may not refresh or display everything correctly.
  • Some words are misplaced in the User Interface.
  • Lag can occur in the inventory
  • The text may become difficult to read in certain screen resolutions or certain UI panels.
  • Some Creatures of the same family have the same icon.
  • Increased Z bias to make the Castle comments appear above the Castle banner.
  • Items in the Buy Back might be missing their icons.
  • Some texts are difficult to read due to font changes.
  • • After removing a Creature in the Castle it may not immediately appear in the castle Inventory. The Creature will appear after restarting the game.
  • Equipping items, Dyes and Skills using a single click doesn't work. Please use drag & drop (click & hold).
  • The second time Durrrr is spawning, he appears as an old creature.
  • Some Creatures reappear in a "Chickenpox'd" state when they are resurrected:
    • Durrrr comes back in "Chickenpox'd" form when resurrecting in a player Castle.
    • General Cluckenstein spawns "Chickenpox'd" Chickens.
    • Explodifier Spawns "Chickenpox'd" Blomblets.
  • The Mage's Vortex Rift skill can create a crash when used to destroy two or more Mines at the same time
  • Targeted Attack cannot be performed unless the user goes through the friend profile.
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