Hello Opulencians,

This week's patch brings improvements and fixes to the game. Check out the detailed list below:

New Feature:

The new Items 2.0 is in along with a big pass of rebalancing. For our curious players, a Google Doc (English only) is available explaining all details you need to know.

Try out the latest update! We will be awaiting your feedback in the comments down below or on our forums. An article will be published next week with further explanations and answers to your questions!

  • Holiday spirit has faded away. All decorations have been stored.
  • New sounds have been added when interacting with materials.
  • Crown System: We've removed the level handicap from the Crown system as it caused an exploit which went against the basic intention of the system (rank the players in both attack/defense). Starting with this pack, only the difference in Crowns will be used to calculate how many Crowns will be gained/lost after an attack. Thus, at equal quantity of Crowns, an attacker will win/lose 20 Crowns. If the difference is over 400 Crowns in the attacker's advantage (ie, attacker has 500 and the castle has 100), the attacker will stand to lose 40 Crowns if they fail or gain 0 Crown if they win. If the situation is reversed (castle has 500, attacker 100), the attacker will gain 40 Crowns should they win and lose none if they fail.
  • We have removed the automatic regeneration. Now, some equipment have the power to regenerate the hero.

Bug Fix:
  • Resolved an issue where it was possible to enter a treasure room without defeating Dragonificus.
  • Resolved an issue where the Material-O-Matic could not be upgraded to the next cycle.
  • All versions of the guardian, including the elite version, will properly regenerate their health upon leaving a totem zone.

That’s it for today.

Stay tuned for more news and keep on looting!

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