Greetings Opulencians,

There's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes these days and not a lot to announce today. But if this week it seems like patch jr. well, next week we're gonna release a super-sized double patch.

The team's main focus is the new attack experience and everyone is working super hard to get it out.

In this week’s update, we're taking out the Halloween theme but we're releasing a new trap, The Sadistic Cannon! It's big and it spits.

So hang on! Big things are happening in Opulencia.


  • Our crack team of ghost busting developers have eradicated this year’s spooky infestation.

Opulencian life is now back to normal!

  • This Includes the removal of:
    • Pumpkins and Tombstone Barricades
    • Haunted Forest Castle
    • Our Wanted Halloween rare creatures
    • The Halloween Pack
    • But it seems there is a new wanted contender in our midst, the Sadistic Cannon, keep your eyes on our news pages!


  • The ground movement target FX on clicking is now clearer.
  • Gramophone FX have an adjusted scale.

That’s it for today.

Stay tuned for more news and keep on looting!

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