Hello Opulencians,

Today is patch day, and we have a few interesting things for you looters. Our first balancing effort on Totems, a new creature, more hero balancing... We hope you like it:

New ContentEdit

New Creature!Edit

• The Chargoyle's fire has finally been put out, but this is to make way for….Our New Rare Creature ^^ • Check out our upcoming news for more information!


Minor modifications to creature tooltip layout to better use free space.



  • Health Points increased by 67%
  • Placement zone size increased from 10*10m to 14*14m
  • Exclusion zone radius reduced from 14m to 12m


Bug FixesEdit

  • Castle Attacks appeared to take a little break this week with (what looked like) lower than usual attempts at pillaging! This was not the case! We have spotted the cause and fixed our matchmaking accordingly. If you still think you are experiencing issues (attacked too much or little), please give us your feedback on this forum thread.
  • Inflation rocked Opulencia also this week with estimated castle values soaring. Seems it was just the totem... Its now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where treasure room door was not opening when having killed a baddog elite.
  • Hot Roller ability description doesn't mention the fire dot damage.
  • The amount of CP in the aggro repartition of creatures could have been erroneous. This is now fixed
  • Description of "Totem" is not properly aligned in German and French language.
  • Ticketing system did not prioritize the ticket CP correctly.
  • "Watch Dog" items were having incorrect icons in the buy back tab of crafting lab. This is fixed.
  • Tooltip details for Buff icons of Rancid Runner were not localized
  • Hungerbot did not attack the Hero when it pulls the hero for the first time and hero remained idle.
  • Portrait picture of buff icon of skill “Caltrops” was missing
  • The in-game banner for "since your last login" will not appear if the user checked the battle log from the website

That's it for today. Keep on looting Opulencians!

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