Hello Opulencians,

You really thought we were going to end this week without a new patch? Well here it is, with balancing for all heroes:

New ContentEdit

And this week's spectacularly awesome but rare creature is….

Material PacksEdit

  • The Maestro's Pack has been upgraded ! It now contains 100 Materials and is available for 750 Blings.
  • The speed at which Packs open has been increased for those impatient types!



  • Invisible Defense Buff reduced from 30% to 23%.
  • Flame Coat: Damage reduced by 22% on all tiers.
  • Shielding Strike: Cooldown decreased from 0.5 to 0.3 sec.


  • Roll: Cooldown decreased from 4 sec to 3 sec
  • Spiral Shot: Cooldown decreased from 4 sec to 3 sec



  • Base Mana Regeneration increased from 4 to 6 Mana per second.

Boss RoomsEdit

  • We reverted the Boss rooms Defense Points cap that was introduced in the last Pack.
  • It was part of a general balancing test but it ninja'd itself into our Live version. We now have extra Snotters on ninja guard :)


  • The Life Force icon has been removed from Tombstones in the Defense Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where a loading icon would appear on the screen and not disappear.
  • Dragonificus Terribilis isn't as powerful when placed in a Castle during the Tutorial (preventing Players from validating their Castle). His spinach diet was stopped. Permanently.
  • Heroes cannot walk through the Hidden Gate Trap anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where some Castles were erroneously tagged as farms.
  • After completing the second Castle in the Tutorial, some Players were unable to access the Defense Mode to place their Creatures. This is now fixed.

That's it for today! As always, we are waiting for your feedback on the forums and in the comments section. We'll be back soon with more news and patches... I can see totems in the distance ;)

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