Changes the appearance of your castle!

New players may pick a starting theme, creature, and trap set from Cornelius Real Estate.

Additional themes can be purchased using Currency Bling Icon bling from Cornelius' Emporium

Name Cost Description
Aged Oak Theme Aged Oak Currency Bling Icon 99 No need to knock this woody theme. Fire insurance not included (this is a medieval game, it hasn't been invented yet)
Royal Opulencian Theme Royal Opulencian Currency Bling Icon 99 This gaudy theme should appeal to the ostentatious side of any true Opulencian.
Spiky Spire Theme Spiky Spire Default Lots of pokey edges make for a theme that's sharp in every sense of the word. Watch out that you don't prick yourself.
Golden Palace Theme Golden Palace Currency Bling Icon 399 I bet this place even has gold toilets (toilets not included).
Spooky Keep Theme Spooky Keep Currency Bling Icon 399 This theme is so scary I can't even find the words to describe it without descending into abject panic *flees in terror*
Count Snottingham Theme Count Snottingham Currency Bling Icon 850 Count Snottingham is keeping it real with this premium theme, complete with its own totally snotulous boss room.
Durrrr Theme Theme Durrrr Theme Currency Bling Icon 850 Durrrr like his castle cold, very cold. His theme is littered with broken bones from would-be intruders.
Frosty Theme Theme Frosty Theme Currency Bling Icon 850 Brrr, it's cold in here!!!
Marleybone Theme Marleybone Currency Bling Icon 850 Your castle will take on the appearance of Lord Marleybone's undead castle. You'll totally creep your friends out with this theme!

Limited Time/Exclusive ThemesEdit

Name Cost Description Video
Dragonificus Theme Dragonificus Eggstravagansa or Steam Market Forget the Fire Swamp, this theme is so foreboding your enemies will SWEAR WITCHES have cursed the place.
Grassy Knoll Theme Theme Grassy Knoll Open Beta If an enemy falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Yes, it screams like a little girl.
Flameo Premium Theme Theme Flameo Theme Gold pack or Roulette This fiery theme will warm the cockles of your heart, and is great for roasting marshmallows. Try it on for size!
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot - Flameo Castle Theme

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot - Flameo Castle Theme

VIP Theme of Very Important Importance Theme Double O Double O / Steam Market You might need sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sheer brilliance of this very special VIP theme. Bask in its glitzy glory (if you feel like it of course, I'm not telling you what to do).
Watch Dogs Theme Watch Dogs Steam Market If you're looking to infuse your castle with a "big brother" vibe, this is definitely your theme. I'm not sure about the name though. How does this slick theme relate to dog spotting? Is dog spotting even a thing?
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot - Watch Dogs Castle Theme

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot - Watch Dogs Castle Theme

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