Players who manage to get 3 stars during a regular PVP castle attack will now be rewarded with an additional prize in the treasure room.

The potential prizes includes:


Some restrictions apply to this additional reward:

  1. Castle must not be shielded,
  2. Castle must have crowns,
  3. Be at least the same level as the hero and appear in the attack selection screen using matchmaking rules

It isn't effective during castles validations.


  • If your inventory is full and you win an item in the roulette, the item will appear in the Buy Back tab.
  • Creatures, traps, and barricades won will appear in your Castle Inventory
    • If the item does not appear immediately, exit the game and log back in.
  • Castle themes will be applied immediately.

Update HistoryEdit

August 29, 2014

  • Treasure Room Roulette introduced

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