Cornelius Real EstateEdit

New players begin by choosing a starter castle from Cornelius Real Estate.

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Player Guides Edit

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Name Description Rewards
Gold Digger Install a Gold Mine in your Castle! Currency Gold Icon 250
Breach Impediment Install 10 Barricades in your Castle! Currency Gold Icon 500
Feast of Beasts Fill your Castle with Creatures! Currency Life Force Icon 100 Currency Gold Icon 250
Upgrade My Heart! Upgrade your Castle Heart to level 2 Currency Gold Icon 550
To Swing a Cat Add a Room to your Castle Currency Gold Icon 250
My First Raid Loot the Treasure of First Raid Castle Currency Gold Icon 600
Castle Top Up Fill up your castle's Defense Points with Creatures and Traps! Currency Life Force Icon 200
What a Plunderful World Attack and defeat another castle. Currency Gold Icon 500
Hair of the Clog? Renovate the Potion Brewery and start brewing health potions for your hero. Currency Life Force Icon 100
Defeat Count Snottingham Continue leveling up and when you're ready, defeat Count Snottingham to unlock a whole new region! Currency Bling Icon 200 Currency XP Icon 250

Tutorial CastlesEdit

Lvl Name Stats Rewards Theme
Difficulty Def Rating
1 First Raid Easy 11/11 Currency XP Icon16  Currency Gold Icon10 Currency Life Force Icon10
1 Bewarewich Castle Easy 58/58 Currency XP Icon90  Currency Gold Icon65 Currency Life Force Icon65

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