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Loot can be upgraded at the Blacksmith using crafting materials and Life Force. Upgrading is not bound by the Blacksmith rank; one can upgrade an item of any level of item quality at Blacksmith Rank 1.

The quality of the items won't change, but the stats will be increased according to the new level.

Limitations[edit | edit source]

  • Only equipment with random attributes may be upgraded; named items, Potions, Costumes, Dyes, and Pets cannot be upgraded.
  • The maximum upgrade level is displayed in each item's tooltips.
    • The highest level that can be reach by any piece of equipment is determined by its tier.
  • The maximum upgradeable level for any item is iLvL 30.
    • Some items have lower maximum levels based on base item type.
    • Weapons and most accessories can usually be upgraded to level 30.

Upgrade Costs[edit | edit source]

Upgrading an item requires not only a px life force, but materials as well.

Life Force Cost[edit | edit source]

Main article: Table:Costs - Upgrade

Material Cost[edit | edit source]

The type of material needed depends on the item type being upgraded, while the quantity depends on the value of the item's attributes up to a maximum of 10.

In general, items with base Physical Armor require

Mat Dino Scales.png

Dino Scales while items with base Magical Armor require

Mat Smoldering Eye.png

Smoldering Eyes. The material required to upgrade weapons is determined by the class.

Item Type Material Item Type Material
Mat Dino Scales.png
Mat Smoldering Eye.png
Shoulder Armor
Mat Dino Scales.png
Mat Smoldering Eye.png
Suits of Armor
Mat Dino Scales.png
Mat Smoldering Eye.png
Mat Dino Scales.png
Mat Eagle Souls.png
Mat Giant Sweat.png
Mat Explodium.png
Mat Defenderium.png

Attribute Cost Similar to the material cost for items, the type of material needed for each attribute depends on the attribute being upgraded with the quantity based on the value of the item's attributes.

Attribute Ingredient
Armor per adjacent creature
Mat Dangeroxite.png
Better Loot Quality
Mat Essence of Awesomeness.png
Blessed Armor
Mat Noob Tears.png
Block Chance
Mat Sacred Branch.png
Critical Chance
Mat Long Horn.png
Critical Damage
Mat Forgotten Stone.png
Damage per sec
Mat Smart Brain.png
Damage reflected
Mat Limbo Dust.png
Damage when injured
Mat Essence of Something.png
Explosive Strike
Mat Essence of Something.png
Extra Gold Gain
Mat Limbo Dust.png
Extra XP Gain
Mat Sacred Branch.png
Mat Smart Brain.png
Health Orb Bonus
Mat Hard Shell.png
Icy Blast
Increased attack speed
Mat Hard Shell.png
Magical Armor
Mat Limbo Dust.png
Mat Hard Shell.png
Physical Armor
Mat Hard Shell.png
Poison Damage
Mat Long Horn.png
Raise Dead
Snare Chance
Mat Forgotten Stone.png
Stun Chance
Mat Smart Brain.png

Update History[edit | edit source]

October 8, 2014 Patch

  • Upgrading introduced.

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