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Opulencian property law is very strict and stipulates 'he who deals it; feels it'.

A castle needs to be validated before anyone else is allowed to try their luck in the castle.

To validate a castle, a player must attack their own castle. All mines must be destroyed before the doors to the treasure room are opened.

During validation:

  • Hero level will automatically be adjusted to match the castle level when validating.
  • Health Potions are free. (i.e. will not consume charges in one's inventory) Limit of 3 still applies.
  • Destroying mines will not add or subtract time to the timer.

Upon successful validation:

Attacking players will only see the published, validated version of a castle.

Alternate Method[]

Players may choose to allow other players to validate their castle for a small Currency Bling.png Bling fee. Players who validate another player's castle in this manner will be rewarded an even smaller Currency Bling.png Bling reward. The fee is px 10, with a reward of px 3. However, only one reward can be given, so if two players begin the validation at the same time, only the player who validates the castle first will receive the reward.

  • Potions consumed during the validation of someone else's castle are free.
  • You can see the replay of people who validated/failed your castle.
  • People validating your castle can leave a comment.
  • If a validation ticket expires you get your bling back.

Castle Rollback[]

Should you wish to undo the modifications made to a castle, you can click the rollback castle to the last published version.

Certain actions will disable the rollback feature, including but not limited to:

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